Streaming platforms are overloaded with reality dating shows right now. From Love Island to The Bachelor and countless others, we’re constantly faced with new opportunities to watch single people pursue romance under the most unlikely circumstances.

One series whose premise really set it apart from the rest was Love Is Blind.

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The show, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, challenged 30 participants to meet their matches after blind dating each other (literally) in windowless, adjacent rooms. Some couples got engaged during this process, and those that did went on to spend 10 days together in person before walking down the aisle. 

In the end, just two couples — Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton and Amber Pike and Matt Barnett — actually went through with their weddings.

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And, in joint testaments to the wild series’ suggestion that maybe forging a connection with someone doesn’t require any physical contact at first, both are still married.

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Now those who want to can learn all about their post-show relationships. More than a year after Love Is Blind premiered, and at least two years since it was filmed, the cast returned for a reunion to update us on how they’re doing.

The trailer promises a full spectrum of emotional situations to come, including adorable exchanges between Lauren and Cameron, and parenthood conversations between Amber and Barnett.

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We can also expect some drama involving Jessica Batten.

And a surprising cameo appearance by Francesca Farago, who you might recognize from Netflix’s comparably mind-blowing reality dating series Too Hot To Handle.

Apparently, Francesca has history with former Love Is Blind contestant Damian Powers, and confronts him on After the Altar.

Do I really need to ask if you’ll be watching?

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