I was today-years-old when I noticed this in Jaws.

There are tons of movies I have watched more than once, and the more you watch, the more you notice the little things in the background. Here are 21 background characters you might have never noticed before:


They just wanted to enjoy a football game, Bane! (The Dark Knight Rises)

Warner Bros. Entertainment


This Indiana Jones stand-in forgets to keep his head down for this two second shot in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Paramount Pictures

During the scene in the spike room, Willie comes running in, wiping bugs off of her, but Indiana Jones turns into a background character…literally. Who is this guy?

If that is Indiana Jones, then I am Mickey Mouse! *wink*


In Grease, Sandy sings “Summer Nights” while a fellow student appears lost in his own world.


This guy that looks like Jimmy Buffet isn’t going to waste away in Jurassic World…wait a second…Jimmy!?

Universal Pictures

Leave the children…save the margaritas.

I tried to keep well-known cameos off this list, but this one is pretty great.


Apparently, you can’t have a spicy make out session on a rooftop without Spider-Man ruining your good time.

Sony Pictures Releasing

The 2001 Spider-Man is full of great campiness and funny movie extras, but I never noticed these two lovebirds until a later viewing of the film.


A peculiar Oompa Loompa has the soul duty of handing Willy Wonka his cane that he doesn’t even need.

Paramount Pictures

We never see this guy again, which means Wonka makes him stand in this room to watch over his cane. Wonka seems like just as much of a jerk as Grandpa Joe.

Warner Bros. Pictures

People are usually tough on child actors, but I thought these kid extras really sold the scenes they were in and like they actually found what was happening in each scene funny.


One stormtrooper deserves a medal for this simply brilliant stunt work in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


People really sleep on the Force Awakens, and the stunt work in every scene is a lot of fun, but one trooper in particular stands out. Finn gets a shot off in this chaotic moment, but the camera doesn’t linger on one stormtrooper that dies in tremendous fashion.


An alien made out of bad thoughts and nightmares makes a quick appearance in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.


Star Wars is known for their aliens, but they should put this thing back where he came from. I believe he is a puppet, which makes him all the more creepier.


This man in Raiders of the Lost Ark is the worst butcher ever during one of the most iconic improvised moments ever.


In Beauty and the Beast, two friends are more riveted by a turtle than the singing around them.


What’s better than this? Guys being dudes…and staring at a turtle. I won’t even get into the outfits, there’s too much to unpack.


This man drinking coffee in Elf gets a good laugh thanks to Buddy.


Inside Men in Black headquarters, one man is dangling on the catwalk like a bat.

Columbia Pictures

I never noticed this guy until I was older and Will Smith’s J is staring right at him.


One guy brought a trident to a vehicle fight in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Warner Bros. Pictures

At least I think it is a trident…maybe a pike. It also looks like it is mounted on a cannon. Either way, they need this man leading the charge.


This man from Batman Forever, who points and shouts “Batman, yeah!”, is criminally underrated as a background guy.

Warner Bros. Pictures

I cannot confirm if this is the “boiling acid” guy, but he brings the same energy, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Also, how about that signature Batman entrance?


I’ve seen Jaws a million times and never noticed the first mate’s dog until this year.


This young woman in Frozen lets her family ditch her just so she can admire Princess Anna.


So, the hockey puck from Toy Story isn’t quite a background character, but I have a lot of questions because I never really paid any attention to him for his two seconds of screen time.


Why does it have limbs? Why red boots, but yellow gloves? Why does it break the fourth wall and shrug to the audience? Does it ever appear again in the film franchise? Does Andy even play hockey? Do we ever see a hockey stick? Would the hockey stick be sentient? Is it even a toy? Is it a chew toy for the dog they don’t have yet?

Hockey Puck might be the most mysterious character in cinema.

Which have you never seen before? Is there one you love not on this list? Comment below!

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