She absolutely killed it in Fear Street.

When it comes to the Fear Street universe, it’s pretty much impossible not to love Deena.

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Portrayed by Kiana Madeira, it’s no secret that Deena was a fan favorite from the beginning. She set the bar for #RelationshipGoals when it came to her relationship with Sam, and even went as far as ending the Shadyside curse all in the name of being a hopeless romantic.

From 1994 all the way back to1666, Deena kicked ass throughout the entire Fear Street trilogy and fans can’t stop talking about it. Who can blame them?

We’ve rounded up the best tweets all in appreciation of the one and only Deena. Check them out below:


look at the lesbian who ended a 300 year old curse just bc she’s in love w her gf
#FearStreet1666 #fearstreet

Netflix / Twitter: @eranasvoice


#FearStreet I hope you’ll find someone who will look at you just like how Deena looks at Sam.

Netflix / Twitter: @samsfreezerr


Netflix / Twitter: @Igbtcaylen


Netflix / Twitter: @rileyluos


deena johnson in your green jacket, i want to be your slave, god bless🧎🏾‍♀️

Netflix / Twitter: @sh3lbywilds


“Then kiss in the broad daylight.”

You cannot tell me Deena didn’t think of Sarah’s words to Hannah


Netflix / Twitter: @shadysideena

What’s your favorite Deena moment in the Fear Street trilogy?

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